Enjoy Non-Stop Calling on WhatsApp Plus with Onic Sim’s Latest Offer

Onic Sim’s Latest Offer has an exciting new offer for its prepaid customers to enjoy unlimited WhatsApp calling throughout the month. By subscribing to the Onic WhatsApp Plus monthly offer, you can make non-stop domestic and international voice and video calls over WhatsApp without worrying about your balance. Read on for full details about this unlimited WhatsApp calling offer from Onic.

Overview of Onic WhatsApp Plus Monthly Offer

With this exclusive monthly bundle, Onic Sim users get:

  • Unlimited WhatsApp calls to any network in Pakistan
  • Complete WhatsApp video calls nationwide
  • Unlimited WhatsApp calls to international numbers
  • 30 days validity after subscription
  • Continued service with auto-renewal
  • Access without data balance is required
  • Calling minutes aren’t deducted from the principal balance

Who Can Subscribe to This WhatsApp Offer?

This unlimited WhatsApp calling offer is available to all Onic prepaid subscribers. Just ensure:

You can sign up and make unlimited WhatsApp calls if you meet these requirements.

How to Activate the WhatsApp Plus Offer

Activating this offer from Onic is simple:

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to Menu > Settings > Account
  2. Tap “Change Number” and enter “+923311256798”
  3. You will see a notice that you switched to Onic WhatsApp Plus
  4. Follow the prompts to activate by entering your number
  5. Make payment through your Onic prepaid balance to activate
  6. Enjoy unlimited calling on WhatsApp!

Make International WhatsApp Calls

With WhatsApp Plus, you can make unlimited WhatsApp calls to international numbers:

  • Call friends and family worldwide over WhatsApp
  • Destinations include the USA, Canada, the UK, the Middle East, Europe, etc.
  • Don’t worry about high IDD charges
  • Helps stay connected with your contacts abroad

WhatsApp provides a convenient way to call internationally from your Onic Sim’s Latest Offer.

Key Benefits of This WhatsApp Offer

Key reasons to subscribe:

  • Make unlimited WhatsApp calls entirely free
  • No need for separate data balance
  • Continued service through auto-renewals
  • Call anytime, as long as you want hassle-free
  • Help save credit on other call types
  • Stay in touch with contacts worldwide
  • Ideal for frequent WhatsApp callers

Monthly Subscription Charges

This WhatsApp Plus offer has flexible and affordable charging options:

  • Rs 100 for one-week validity
  • Rs 200 for 15 days validity
  • Rs 300 for full 30 days validity

The 30-day pack provides maximum value if you make many WhatsApp calls.

Tips to Manage Your Subscription

Here are some tips to effectively use this offer:

  • Choose a 30-day pack for maximum value
  • Set payment reminders to renew the subscription
  • Disable auto-renewal if not needed after a month
  • Monitor your subscription status in the account
  • Turn off data if only using the offer for calls
  • Report any issues faced to customer support

Enjoy unlimited WhatsApp calling throughout the month with Onic Sim’s mobile offer!

Using WhatsApp for Video Calls

This offer also includes unlimited WhatsApp video calling:

  • Make unlimited one-on-one WhatsApp video calls
  • No limits on group video calling
  • Great for connecting face-to-face visually
  • Avoid video call charges on cellular network
  • Calling internationally free with WhatsApp

Enjoy crystal-clear video conversations with loved ones on WhatsApp.

Optimizing Your WhatsApp Data Usage

To conserve your regular data balance:

  • Turn off WhatsApp auto-media download
  • Limit background data usage
  • Connect to WiFi for media downloads
  • Disable live location sharing
  • Review and delete large files/media
  • Limit sending hi-res photos & videos

Manage your settings to ensure minimal background data drain.

Using WhatsApp on WiFi Only

For calling only, you can use WhatsApp with no data balance:

  • Turn on Airplane mode
  • Connect to a WiFi network
  • Open WhatsApp once connected to WiFi

This will work as long as you have an active subscription.

Sharing the Offer with Family

If you have a family plan:

  • Add other numbers to your subscription
  • Family members also get unlimited calling
  • Monitor usage breakdown in account

Share the value with your loved ones hassle-free!

Maximize non-stop affordability on WhatsApp with Onic’s unlimited calling offer all month!

FAQs on the WhatsApp Plus Offer

Here are some common questions answered:

Do calls deduct from my principal balance?

No, only subscription charges are deducted; calls are unlimited.

Can I use cellular data while on this offer?

Yes, data will be deducted from your regular balance as usual.

What happens if I don’t renew my subscription?

Calling will revert to deducting from your principal balance.

Are group calls also included?

Yes, all types of WhatsApp calls are unlimited.

Can I switch early to a longer validity?

Yes, you can change subscription validity at any time!

Stay connected with unlimited WhatsApp calls every month using Onic’s fantastic prepaid offer!

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