Get More Data and SMS with Onic Sim Package Add-Ons

Are you tired of running out of data or SMS too quickly each month? Onic Sim Package  make it easy to customize your cell plan with affordable add-on options for extra internet and messaging. Read on to learn about the different data and SMS bundle add-ons available through Onic, how they work, and how to get the best value.

The Benefits of Data and SMS Add-Ons

Onic’s collection of data and SMS bundle add-ons provide the flexibility to tailor your cell plan to your usage needs each month. Here are some key benefits:

  • Avoid overage fees – Add-ons let you pay upfront for exactly the extra data or SMS you need.
  • More value – Buying add-on bundles is cheaper than paying per MB or message over your limit.
  • No contracts – Add-ons renew monthly, so you can adjust as needed.
  • Convenience – Easily add extra data or SMS to your plan through your account.
  • Control costs – Add-ons put you in charge of how much extra you pay.

Monthly Data Add-Ons

For additional internet data, Onic offers bundles ranging from 1GB up to 10 GB. Data add-ons start at just $5 per GB added. Here are the monthly data bundle options:

  • 1GB for $5
  • 3GB for $10
  • 5GB for $15
  • 10GB for $25

Data add-ons renew monthly until you cancel them. All unused data must roll over to the next month. You can add multiple data bundles per month as needed.

Tip: Calculate your average monthly usage and add a bundle that provides enough extra data to prevent overages based on your activity.

Monthly SMS Add-Ons

If you frequently exceed the standard SMS messaging allowance, Onic’s SMS bundles enable you to add bulk messages at reduced rates. SMS add-ons start at 300 messages for just $3. Options include:

  • 300 extra SMS for $3
  • 500 additional SMS for $5
  • 1000 additional SMS for $8
  • 2000 additional SMS for $12

Like data add-ons, SMS bundles renew monthly until cancelled. Leftover SMS does not roll over each month. Add multiple SMS bundle options as required for your messaging needs.

Tip: If you send 500-1000 texts over your limit most months, the 500 or 1000 SMS bundles offer significant savings over standard overage rates.

Getting the Best Value from Add-Ons

To maximize value when using Onic’s data and SMS add-ons, keep these tips in mind:

  • Start small: Add the most petite bundle to begin and monitor if you need more.
  • Use auto-renew: Set bundles to auto-renew each month for convenience.
  • Share add-ons: For family plans, enable add-on sharing to benefit everyone.
  • Review usage: Check your monthly usage stats to identify the right add-on amounts.
  • Adjust as needed: Change or cancel add-ons based on changing use.
  • Combine add-ons: Nothing stops you from adding both data and SMS bundles.
  • Look for promotions: Onic sometimes offers discounted first-month bundle rates.

Using Add-Ons is Easy

Adding data and SMS bundles to your Onic Sim Package is simple:

  1. Log in to your Onic account online or via the app.
  2. Go to “Plan & Add-Ons” in your account menu.
  3. Click “Add Data” or “Add SMS”.
  4. Select your desired bundle amounts.
  5. Check out to confirm your selections.

Within 24 hours, your extra data or SMS will be active! Manage renewals easily through your account dashboard.


How long do add-ons last?

Add-ons renew monthly until you cancel them through your account. Unused data/SMS do not roll over.

Can I change my add-ons mid-month?

Yes, you can adjust add-on amounts by adding or removing bundles at any time. Changes take effect almost instantly.

Do add-ons share across family plans?

Add-on sharing can be enabled to let family members use your extra data/SMS. The primary account holder manages add-ons.

What happens if I exceed my add-ons?

Overage rates will apply once your add-on data/SMS are used up. Be sure to monitor usage.

Can I use add-ons internationally?

Data and SMS add-ons only work domestically and do not apply for international roaming usage.

Are there contracts or early termination fees?

Nope! Add-ons are flexible with no long-term commitments. Cancel anytime.

Customize Your Plan with Add-Ons

Are you tired of paying costly overage fees? Onic’s data and SMS add-on bundles enable you to customize your cell plan affordably. Pay only for precisely the extra data and messaging you need each month. Maximizing value is easy with auto-renewals and the ability to change add-ons anytime based on usage.

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