How to Buy an Onic SIM Card in Pakistan: A Step-by-Step Guide

Want to sign up for cell phone service with Onic SIM Card in Pakistan? Getting your hands on a new Onic SIM is quick and easy by following this straightforward step-by-step guide. We’ll walk you through buying an Onic SIM card, activating it, and setting up your new phone number.

Overview of Buying an Onic SIM

Here’s a quick overview of the significant steps covered in this guide:

  • Choose between Onic prepaid and postpaid plans
  • Select your preferred Onic package and price plan
  • Purchase an Onic SIM from an authorized retailer
  • Activate your SIM and complete ID verification
  • Optionally register for an online account
  • Insert the SIM and set up your phone
  • Recharge account balance for prepaid
  • Start enjoying your new Onic cell service!

Follow below for more details on each step to start seamlessly with Onic mobile.

  1. Pick Prepaid or Postpaid

First, decide if you want to go with a:

Prepaid Plan – Pay upfront recharge when needed—more control over spending.

Postpaid Plan – Monthly bill for the set package. Easier to budget.

Onic offers both prepaid and postpaid plans to suit different needs. Prepaid works well if you want to control costs closely. Postpaid is suitable for predictable monthly spending.

  1. Select Your Onic Package

Browse Onic calling, text and mobile internet bundles to find the right match. Consider:

  • How many minutes you’ll need for calls
  • Amount of SMS text messaging required
  • Your data needs for internet access

Popular picks include unlimited talk and text bundles or plans with several GB of data. Choose perks like free on-network calling.

  1. Buy Onic SIM from a Retail Store

You can easily purchase a new Onic SIM from one of their many retail stores in cities across Pakistan. Bring:

  • Original valid ID document (CNIC, passport, etc.)
  • Photocopies of ID document
  • Passport photo

The retailer will register your ID and payment. You’ll get a SIM kit with account information.

Tip: Ask for a nano-SIM if your phone uses this smaller size vs. standard SIMs.

  1. Activate SIM and Verify Identity

After purchasing, activate your new SIM via:

SMS – Text your name and CNIC number to 3636 per activation instructions.

Online – Use your SIM number to register online and start through your new account.

This verifies your ID documents and activates the SIM on Onic’s network.

  1. Optional: Create an Online Account

For easier management, you can:

  • Download the Onic App
  • Visit
  • Register your account using your SIM number

An online account lets you recharge, check usage, change plans, pay bills and more. Convenient!

  1. Insert SIM in Phone

Once activated, insert the Onic SIM card into your phone’s SIM slot. Make sure to insert in the correct orientation with contacts facing down.

Power on your device, and the Onic service should activate. The display will show Onic name when working.

  1. Recharge Prepaid Balance

For prepaid accounts, add the initial recharge balance via:

  • Onic retail stores
  • Online through account
  • Onic mobile app
  • ATMs
  • Scratch cards

This lets you start making calls, sending SMS and using mobile data immediately with your new Onic prepaid SIM.

  1. Start Using Your Onic SIM!

You’re all set! Connect your phone to the Onic mobile network to:

  • Make and receive calls
  • Send/receive SMS texts
  • Access 4G/3G data and internet
  • Check Balance
  • Monitor usage
  • Recharge when needed

Now enjoy your new Onic mobile number and service!

Helpful Tips for New Onic SIM Users

Here are some additional helpful tips:

  • Enable auto-recharge on prepaid accounts so you never lose service.
  • Monitor your data usage in the Onic app and upgrade plans if needed.
  • Contact Onic customer support if you have any activation issues.
  • Switch plans anytime without changing your mobile number.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Onic SIM activation take?

Activation can take up to 24 hours but is usually completed within a few hours.

Where can I find my Onic SIM number?

Your new 10-digit Onic mobile number will be printed on your SIM card or purchase receipt.

Do Onic SIM cards expire?

Yes, prepaid SIMs expire after 90 days of no recharge. Postpaid expires after 180 days of no usage.

Can I use my Onic SIM abroad?

Yes! Onic offers competitive international roaming rates in over 200 countries.

Getting an Onic SIM card is quick, convenient, and affordable. Follow this guide for smooth sailing, activate your new Onic cell service, and start enjoying the tremendous nationwide coverage offered throughout Pakistan!

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