ONIC Sim Launches in Pakistan with Game-Changing Affordable Packages

Onic Telco Membership

The Pakistani mobile market just got more exciting with the recent ONIC Sim Launches in Pakistan. This new cellular provider is shaking up the industry with its incredibly affordable packages tailored to the needs of the Pakistani people. In this article, we’ll learn all about ONIC Pakistan, the value-packed SIM offerings, and how you can get connected.

Introducing ONIC Pakistan

ONIC is an emerging Pakistani mobile network owned by Millicom International Cellular SA, a leading international telecom company. While new to the Pakistani market, ONIC operates successful mobile networks across Africa and Latin America.

Millicom’s vast experience enabled the quick nationwide rollout of ONIC’s 4G LTE network in Pakistan. Within months, ONIC established a presence in over 200 cities nationwide. Powered by this robust infrastructure, ONIC now provides innovative SIM packages designed around Pakistani consumer needs.

According to ONIC Pakistan CEO Babar Zain, their goal is to provide affordable, high-quality mobile service to all Pakistanis using streamlined, customer-centric processes. This mission aligns with the government’s aims to accelerate digital connectivity in the country.

ONIC SIM Packages Cater to Diverse User Needs

ONIC offers flexible prepaid and postpaid SIM options with the lowest rates on the market. Users can enjoy optimized bundles for calling, SMS, and mobile data. Here is an overview of the budget-friendly ONIC Pakistan SIM packages available:

Prepaid Starter SIM

This provides prepaid subscribers with affordable basic service with:

  • 1000 ON-NET minutes
  • 100 SMS
  • 500 MB data

The Starter SIM is available for just PKR 250, making it accessible to all users.

Postpaid Plan SIMs

ONIC postpaid plans provide excellent value:

  • Basic Plan – PKR 750/month (3000 minutes, 300 SMS, 1 GB data)
  • Talk Plan – PKR 1350/month (5000 minutes, 500 SMS, 1.5 GB data)
  • Super Plan – PKR 2000/month (7500 minutes, 1000 SMS, 4 GB data)

These flexible plans have free calling to other ONIC numbers. Users can switch plans each month based on changing needs.

Daily Data SIMs

For those who need mobile data, ONIC offers incredibly affordable Daily Data SIMs with:

  • 1 GB for PKR 20
  • 3.5 GB for PKR 75
  • 6 GB for PKR 125

Data automatically activates each day only when using the internet. This pay-as-you-go functionality helps users avoid wasting mobile data.

Free Facebook SIM

ONIC’s Free Facebook SIM provides 1 GB of daily data solely for Facebook use. It’s free with no hidden charges. Users can conveniently stay connected on Facebook without incurring mobile data costs.

With this diverse selection, there is an ONIC SIM to fit every Pakistani user’s mobile needs and budget.

How to Get Connected With ONIC SIMs

Getting an ONIC SIM is quick and convenient across Pakistan. Here are a few simple steps to get started:

  1. Find a Retailer – ONIC SIMs are available from retailers nationwide. Use the store locator on ONIC’s website to find nearby locations.
  2. Select your Plan – Choose the optimal prepaid or postpaid plan based on your usage needs and budget. The sales representative can help suggest the correct SIM.
  3. Activate and Register – Activate your new SIM with your name and CNIC information.
  4. Load Balance – For prepaid accounts, load an initial balance using scratch cards available at the retailer.
  5. Start Using – You’re all set! Begin making calls, sending SMS, and using mobile data with your new ONIC SIM.

The entire process can be completed in less than 30 minutes. With ONIC’s growing retailer network, purchasing a SIM has never been more convenient across Pakistan.

Key Benefits of Choosing ONIC Pakistan

Here’s a quick look at some of the best benefits you’ll enjoy with ONIC mobile service:

  • Affordable Rates – Enjoy Pakistan’s lowest rates for prepaid and postpaid services.
  • Network Coverage – ONIC’s 4G network already covers over 200 cities and counting.
  • No Hidden Charges – All taxes and fees are included in plan rates.
  • Top-Up Bonuses – Get free bonus credit and data with prepaid top-ups.
  • Loyalty Program – Earn free data and other rewards through the ONIC Loyalty Club.
  • Customer Support – Get quick resolution of issues via live chat, email, or phone.
  • Automated Systems – Manage your account easily through IVR and the MyONIC app.
  • Number Portability – Switch to ONIC without changing your existing phone number.

ONIC makes it possible to get quality mobile service without breaking the bank.

Experience the Next Generation of Mobile Connectivity

ONIC brings an innovative vision of customer value to the Pakistani cellular industry. Their affordable prepaid and postpaid SIMs provide everything you need to stay conveniently connected through calls, texts, and mobile data. Switch to ONIC today to experience the next generation of mobile connectivity in Pakistan.

Frequently Asked Questions About ONIC SIM

Here are answers to some common questions about ONIC mobile service:

How do I check my ONIC account balance?

Dial *123# for prepaid or *321# for postpaid balances. You can also use the MyONIC app.

Can I use my ONIC SIM abroad?

ONIC SIMs work globally with affordable roaming rates in over 200 destinations.

How long does ONIC number porting take?

It takes less than 24 hours to switch to ONIC while keeping your existing phone number.

What documents do I need to provide for postpaid?

Just your CNIC copy and minimal application form. No guarantor or credit history is required!

Can I get 5G with ONIC SIM?

Yes, 5G is rolling out soon across Pakistan on ONIC’s network for super-fast speeds.

How do I pay my postpaid bill?

Through the My ONIC app, retailers nationwide or via credit card on the website. Multiple options are available.

Reach out to the friendly ONIC customer support team for any other questions. Get connected today!

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