Remarkable Internet Plans on Pakistan’s No.1 Data Network – Zong

Experience the power of Zong’s high-speed 4G LTE network and enjoy Pakistan’s best data plans tailored to your needs. As the country’s leading data network, Zong makes mobile internet remarkably fast, reliable and affordable through various daily, weekly and monthly prepaid bundles.

The Benefits of Choosing Zong Internet

There are many great reasons to go with Zong for your Internet Plans needs:

  • Widest 4G LTE coverage across 1000+ cities
  • Fast download speeds up to 25Mbps on 4G
  • Low latency for smooth video streaming
  • Reliable connectivity with 99% network availability
  • Affordable data bundle rates
  • Flexible and convenient prepaid plans
  • Easy switch between data plans anytime
  • Top-rated network quality and customer service

Zong’s Prepaid Daily Data Plans

For quick, short-term data access, Zong offers these impressive daily bundles:

  • Daily Light – 100MB for just Rs 12
  • Daily Heavy – 500MB for Rs 25
  • Social Daily – 250MB for Rs 15
  • Chat Daily – 150MB for Rs 10
  • Gaming Daily – 75MB for Rs 5

All packages automatically renew daily until cancelled.

Zong Weekly Data Plans

For weekly internet use, Zong provides more giant buckets valid for seven days:

  • Weekly Light – 1GB for Rs 60
  • Weekly Heavy – 4GB for Rs 175
  • YouTube Weekly – 1.5GB for Rs 100
  • Social Media Weekly – 750MB for Rs 50
  • Gaming Weekly – 500MB for Rs 35

Zong Monthly Data Plans

For regular monthly access, Zong offers:

  • Monthly Light – 3GB for Rs 125
  • Monthly Heavy – 12GB for just Rs 450
  • Unlimited Data – Truly endless for Rs 2000
  • Social Media Monthly – 6GB for Rs 300
  • YouTube Monthly – 10GB for Rs 500

Unused data rolls over on monthly plans if renewed on time!

Activating Your Preferred Zong Data Bundle

Switching between Zong data Internet Plans is quick and easy:

  1. Login to your account via the Zong website or mobile app
  2. Go to Internet Packages and browse plans
  3. Select your desired data bundle size and validity
  4. Click subscribe and confirm to activate instantly
  5. Payment is automatically deducted from your prepaid balance
  6. Start browsing seamlessly on Zong’s high-speed 4G LTE!

Getting the Most Value from Your Data

Follow these pro tips when using Zong data:

  • Carefully estimate your usage before choosing a bundle
  • Start small and scale up data allocation as needed
  • Take advantage of rollover data on monthly plans
  • Set billing reminders to renew plans on time
  • Use WiFi whenever available to save data
  • Monitor usage regularly in your account

Why Zong is Pakistan’s No.1 Data Network

As Pakistan’s leading data network, Zong stands out with:

  • The most comprehensive 4G LTE coverage nationwide
  • Consistently fast download and upload speeds
  • Low latency for smooth streaming and gaming
  • Latest network technology deployments
  • Seamless connectivity across 1000+ cities
  • Affordable prepaid data bundle rates
  • It is easy to subscribe and switch data plans on the go
  • 24/7 customer support via call, chat, email

Experience Pakistan’s best high-speed data on Zong! Choose your preferred data plan now.


How can I check my remaining Zong data balance?

You can check your remaining data balance by dialling *222# from your Zong number.

What happens when I finish my data allowance?

Once you use up your data allowance, speeds will be throttled to 64Kbps until your plan validity expires or you recharge more data.

Can I subscribe to a data plan multiple times in one month?

Yes, you can activate multiple data plans in the same month, and your allotted data will accumulate.

Do Zong data plans work while roaming internationally?

No, Zong data bundles only work within Pakistan. You will need to purchase a separate roaming data pack for international usage.

Where can I find information on the latest Zong data plans?

You can check available plans and prices by dialling *250# or through the Zong website and mobile app.


Regarding high-speed mobile internet in Pakistan, Zong is the top choice for its unmatched 4G LTE coverage, excellent network quality, and affordable prepaid data plans. With flexible daily, weekly and monthly data bundles tailored for any usage pattern, Zong makes it easy and convenient to stay seamlessly connected across Pakistan. Experience high-speed downloads, smooth streaming, low latency gaming, and reliable connectivity on Zong 4G LTE – Pakistan’s number-one data network

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