World Call Packages: A Complete Guide to All Available Plans

Were you considering World Call Packages for your telecom needs in Pakistan? World Call offers a wide selection of voice, SMS, and data bundles to meet your communication requirements. Read on for the full details on prepaid and postpaid plans from World Call.

Overview of World Call Packages

As one of the top networks in Pakistan, World Call provides:

  • Prepaid plans with flexibility and control
  • Postpaid bundles for organized budgets
  • Variety of talk time, SMS, and data buckets
  • Nationwide connectivity across 1000+ cities
  • Affordable call rates to any cellular network
  • Easy online recharging and subscription

World Call Prepaid Packages

For prepaid flexibility, top World Call bundles include:

Daily Light

One hundred on-net minutes, 100 SMS, and 50MB data for 24 hours. Just Rs 15.

Weekly Plus

Five thousand minutes, 300 SMS, 100 off-net minutes and 1GB of data for seven days. Rs 150.

Super Monthly

Three thousand minutes, 1000 SMS, 500 off-net minutes and 2GB data for 30 days. Rs 550.

Unlimited Mini

Unlimited on-net World Call minutes, SMS, and 50MB data for 24 hours. Just Rs 10.

Postpaid Packages from World Call

Postpaid plans from World Call include:

Basic Monthly

Two hundred fifty minutes to any network, 100 SMS, and 1GB of data for Rs 500/month.

Talk + Text

Unlimited World Call minutes, 1000 SMS to any network, and 5GB data for Rs 750/month.

Unlimited Max

Truly unlimited World Call and off-net minutes, 3000 SMS, and 10GB data for Rs 1500/month.

World Call Data Plans

Prepaid data-only bundles from World Call include:

Daily Data

1GB high-speed data for 24 hours at just Rs 50.

Weekly Data

Get 3GB data for seven days at only Rs 125.

Monthly Data

10GB data with rollover for 30 days at Rs 1000.

Voice Call Packages

Prepaid buckets for nationwide World Call minutes:

100 Minutes

One hundred minutes to any network for seven days. Rs 100.

600 Minutes

Six hundred any-network minutes valid for 30 days. Rs 300.

3000 Minutes

Three thousand minutes for all networks, valid for 60 days. Rs 1000.

SMS Bundles from World Call

Prepaid SMS packages include:

Daily SMS

300 SMS to any network for 24 hours. Just Rs 15.

Weekly SMS

1000 SMS to any number across seven days. Rs 100.

Monthly SMS

5000 SMS valid for 30 days. Rs 250.

Getting the Most Out of World Call Plans

Follow these tips to maximize the value you get:

  • Pick prepaid for flexibility or postpaid for predictability
  • Estimate your usage before choosing plan sizes
  • Take advantage of free on-net World Call perks
  • Set spending limits and alerts to control costs
  • Use World Call apps for cheap data calls
  • Recharge or pay bills before the due date to avoid disruption

Stay affordably connected across Pakistan with World Call!

Making International Calls on World Call

While bundles cover domestic networks, World Call also offers affordable international calling with prepaid credit:

  • Competitive Rs 2 per minute rates to top destinations like UAE, UK, Saudi Arabia, USA, etc.
  • Standard Rs 10 per minute charges to other popular countries
  • Low-cost SMS to 200+ countries
  • Online recharging is available for international balances

Monitor per-minute charges to control costs when making international calls on World Call.

World Call Roaming Packages

When travelling outside Pakistan, World Call roaming add-ons include:

  • Daily roaming packages with minutes, SMS and data
  • Monthly roaming plans with recurring bundles
  • Walking data packs from 50MB up to 1GB
  • Cost-saving World Call Roam Like Home packs

Add roaming packages before travel for discount international calling and internet access.

World Call Value-Added Services

Other valuable services from World Call include:

  • Call forwarding and call waiting
  • Caller ID and number hiding
  • Missed call alerts to your email
  • SMS scheduling and Email SMS
  • Friends & Family closed the user group
  • Web to SMS services

Leverage these VAS options to enhance your overall calling and messaging experience.

Getting Support on World Call Services

For assistance, World Call provides:

  • Customer support hotline 121 from your World Call number
  • Online support portal on
  • Technical troubleshooting guides on the website
  • Social media teams on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Visit the nearest World Call service centres

Get quick resolutions for any issues faced with World Call’s multi-channel support.

Find the perfect World Call prepaid or postpaid plan to stay seamlessly connected across Pakistan!

FAQs on World Call Packages

Can I switch plans anytime?

Yes, World Call has no fees for plan changes on prepaid or postpaid.

Where can I check my remaining units?

Dial *929# to see available minutes, messages, data, and validity.

Do unused units roll over on plans?

Only unused data rolls over on recurring monthly prepaid plans.

How do I reactivate if my account expires?

Just recharge any amount to regain access even after expiry.

Find the right World Call plan for your communication needs to

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