Zong Call Packages: A Look at Prepaid Calling Options

Need affordable domestic calling through your Zong prepaid mobile connection? Zong Call Packages offers a variety of calling packages tailored to different usage needs. Read on for a breakdown of the top Zong call bundles available, including minute bundles, unlimited calling options, and more.

Overview of Zong Calling Packages

Zong makes it budget-friendly to make calls across Pakistan with prepaid call bundles that offer:

  • Low rates for domestic calling
  • Ability to switch plans instantly
  • Short-term and long-term validity periods
  • Plans for calls to any network or just Zong
  • Bundles for regular calls and late-night discounts
  • Options for unlimited calling hours
  • Easy activation through the mobile app

Zong Minute Calling Bundles

For occasional callers, Zong offers prepaid bundles with an allotment of calling minutes to any network. These provide low per-minute rates.

100 Minutes

One hundred minutes for calls to any network in Pakistan for just Rs 75.

250 Minutes

Two hundred fifty minutes for nationwide calling at Rs 150. Valid for seven days.

500 Minutes

Get 500 calling minutes to any number for Rs 300. Validity is 30 days.

1000 Minutes

For heavy callers, 1000 minutes for Rs 500. Valid for 30 days.

Unlimited Calling Packages

For unlimited talk time, Zong offers daily, weekly and monthly bundles with non-stop calling to any domestic network.

Daily Unlimited

Unlimited calling all day for just Rs 12. Valid for 24 hours.

Weekly Unlimited

Seven days of non-stop calling for Rs 100. It’s a great weekly deal.

Monthly Unlimited

Unlimited nationwide calling for 30 days at just Rs 300 per month.

Zong to Zong Call Packages

If you make frequent Zong to Zong calls, these bundles offer discounted rates.

Daily Zong

Unlimited Zong to Zong for 24 hours at Rs 6.

Weekly Zong

Seven days of unlimited on-net calling for Rs 75.

Monthly Zong

The entire month of non-stop Zong is calling for just Rs 200.

Late Night Calling Bundles

Zong offers discounted call rates from 12 a.m. to 7 a.m. with night bundles.

Daily Night

Unlimited late-night calling for Rs 5, valid for 24 hours.

Weekly Night

Rs 50 for seven days of discounted late-night calls.

Monthly Night

Get all late-night calls for a month at just Rs 150.

Getting the Most from Zong Calling Packages

Follow these tips to maximize the value of your chosen prepaid calling bundle:

  • Estimate your monthly minutes needed
  • Start with a smaller package and upgrade later
  • Take advantage of free Zong to Zong options
  • Use late-night bundles for long calls
  • Set reminders to renew plans on time
  • Switch plans instantly if needed without fees

Activating Zong Call Packages

Activating Zong prepaid call bundles is quick and easy:

  1. Login to your account on the mobile app
  2. Choose the calling packages menu and select a plan
  3. Pick your preferred bundle size and validity
  4. Confirm activation and balance deduction
  5. Start calling at discounted rates!
  6. Set renewal reminder before expiry.

Stay affordably connected with the right Zong calling package for your needs! Enjoy nationwide or Zong to Zong discounted calling.

Making International Calls with Zong

While the calling bundles cover domestic Pakistan networks, Zong enables affordable international calling through prepaid balance.

  • Low rates to 100+ destinations
  • Calls to top countries from Rs 2 per minute
  • SMS notification on applicable rates before connecting
  • Ability to set operator barring for unused countries

Monitor your per-minute international calling to control costs. Barring unused destinations helps avoid accidental calling.

Using Zong Calling Apps

To save further on calling costs, use Zong’s suite of VoIP calling apps:

  • Zong 4G Calling App – For voice calls over 4G data
  • SMS Bundles – Package discounts for SMS text messaging
  • Zong WhatsApp Bundle – Affordable calling via WhatsApp

These apps allow calling over data, which helps conserve your voice minutes and balance.

Zong Call Packages FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions about Zong prepaid calling bundles:

How do I check the remaining calling minutes?

Dial *222# to see available calling units or minutes from your phone.

What happens when I use up minutes?

Calls will be deducted from your principal prepaid balance at standard rates.

Can I change a call package mid-cycle?

Yes, you can switch plans instantly without any fees.

Do unused minutes roll over on plans?

Unfortunately, leftover minutes do not roll over after validity expires.

Are SMS charged from call bundles?

No, call packages only cover voice minutes. SMS charges separately.

Stay affordably connected across Pakistan with convenient Zong prepaid calling bundles!

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