Zong SMS Packages: A Guide to Prepaid SMS Bundles

Stay affordably connected through messaging with Zong Pakistan’s range of Zong SMS Packages for prepaid customers. Get discounted rates with packages tailored to your texting needs.

Overview of Zong SMS Packages

Zong makes SMS texting budget-friendly with prepaid SMS bundles offering:

  • Affordable texting to any local network
  • Short validity mini-bundles
  • Value-packed, longer, valid deals
  • SMS to Zong users and any network
  • Options for unlimited texts
  • Easy to activate and switch between
  • Validity from daily, weekly, to monthly

Mini SMS Bundle Packages

For occasional texters, these mini SMS bundles offer smaller amounts of texts valid for short durations:

100 SMS Bundle

100 SMS to any network for just Rs 10. Valid for five days.

250 SMS Pack

Two hundred fifty texts for any local number for only Rs 25. Valid for ten days.

500 SMS Bundle

Five hundred texts to any mobile for Rs 50. Valid for 15 days.

Mega SMS Bundle Packages

For frequent messengers, Zong’s mega SMS bundles provide more significant amounts with longer validity:

1000 SMS Pack

1000 SMS to any network for Rs 75. Valid for 30 days.

3000 SMS Pack

Three thousand texts to any mobile number for Rs 150. Valid for 60 days.

10000 SMS Pack

A mega bundle of 10,000 SMS for just Rs 300. Valid for 90 days.

Unlimited SMS Bundles

For unlimited messaging, Zong offers daily, weekly and monthly SMS packages:

Daily Unlimited

Twenty-four hours of unlimited SMS for only Rs 12 per day.

Weekly Unlimited

Get seven days of non-stop texting for Rs 75 weekly.

Monthly Unlimited

Unlimited texts all month for just Rs 200 per month.

Zong to Zong SMS Deals

On-net messaging to other Zong numbers is even more affordable:

Daily Zong SMS

500 Zong texts for 24 hours at Rs 5.

Weekly Zong SMS

1000 SMS to Zong numbers for seven days at Rs 20.

Monthly Zong SMS

3000 SMS to Zong users for 30 days at Rs 50.

Getting the Most from Zong SMS Bundles

Follow these tips to maximize value from Zong SMS packages:

  • Estimate your monthly texting needs
  • Start with the smaller bundle and scale up
  • Use Zong on-net deals for frequent contacts
  • Set renewal reminders to maintain service
  • Download messaging apps to save SMS
  • Switch between packs anytime with no fees

Activating Your Chosen SMS Bundle

Activating Zong SMS bundles is quick and convenient:

  1. Login to your account via the mobile app
  2. Go to SMS bundles and select your package
  3. Choose bundle size and validity period
  4. Confirm activation and balance deduction
  5. Start texting at discounted rates!
  6. Optionally set auto-renewal reminder

Stay affordably in touch with your top contacts. Choose the right prepaid SMS bundle from Zong to suit your needs today!


Sending International SMS with Zong

While the SMS bundles cover messaging to domestic numbers, you can also send international texts with Zong prepaid credit.

  • Low Rs 5 rate per SMS to most countries
  • Standard Rs 10 per text to top destinations
  • Receive SMS replies at no extra cost

Monitor your international SMS usage to avoid unexpectedly high charges—set SMS alerts to stay updated.

Using Zong SMS Apps

Further, save on SMS costs by using Zong’s suite of messaging apps:

  • WhatsApp Bundle – Affordable texts via WhatsApp
  • SMS Bundles – Package discounts for direct SMS
  • GupShup – Free on-net messaging app

Leverage these apps to conserve SMS balance for non-app messages when needed.

Keeping Your Number Private

For privacy, Zong offers call masking and number hiding:

  • Call Masking – Replace your number with a custom ID
  • Number Hiding – Hide your number from the receiver

Stay anonymous while texting—set number hiding as your default setting.

Checking SMS Package Availability

To check available SMS bundle options:

  • Dial *250# for prepaid SMS plans
  • Visit the nearest Zong franchises
  • The online account dashboard shows the latest deals

Check new bundles before renewal to maximize savings.

Zong SMS Packages at a Glance

  • Mini bundles from 100 up to 500 texts
  • Mega bundles from 1000 to 10,000 SMS
  • Unlimited daily, weekly and monthly deals
  • On-net packages for Zong to Zong
  • Easily manage piles via the mobile app
  • No activation fees or switching charges

Stay cost-effectively connected with the right Zong SMS bundle for your needs!

FAQs on Zong SMS Packages

Here are answers to commonly asked questions:

How do I check the remaining SMS count?

Dial *222# from your Zong number to view available SMS units.

What happens when I use an SMS bundle?

Messaging charges will be deducted from your principal prepaid balance.

Can I switch SMS packages before expiry?

Yes, you can change SMS bundles at any time as needed.

Does unused SMS carry over on plans?

Unfortunately, leftover SMS does not roll over once the validity period expires.

Are there any activation fees?

No, Zong has zero activation fees for SMS bundles.

Stay affordably connected with the right prepaid SMS bundle from Zong

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